News 19th February 2021

Today sees the launch of our new website.

This is an ongoing project with a couple of areas still under construction, and all pages will see additions over the coming months. If you need an answer to a question that is not covered in our pages, please contact us.

COVID-19 has been challenging for many businesses of all sizes, and B A Micrographics can help in the area of ‘Working From Home’ and ‘Digital Transformation’.

Working From Home COVID_19

The Challenge and How to Overcome it.

Never before have we seen challenges like those of 2020. Businesses of all sizes and sectors have had to adapt to an unprecedented way of operating. One of the problem areas for many companies with employees now working from home has been document and data access, plus security of the information produced and stored in the home environment, and of course GDPR.

B A Micrographics have already helped many companies with ‘Digital Transformation’ of their paper documents, which have traditionally been stored in their offices or at off-site storage facilities. These digital images are now stored on servers or cloud based document management platforms making the documents available anywhere in the world, and on any device, to staff that have the correct level of authorisation to access them.

This may sound like it is something for large businesses only, but in reality businesses of all sizes should be considering their ‘Digital Transformation’. COVID-19 has changed the way we all work and has moved the paperless office closer by many years. Why store paper documents at a location where you possibly cannot access them instantly? Even if you are an SME, you will benefit from having all your current and historic business documents on one small encrypted USB Flash Card, server or Cloud storage solution

All collections and deliveries of your documents are performed in a COVID-19 safe manner, using our own vehicles.

If ‘Digital Transformation’ is new to you, please contact us, and we will supply you with comprehensive advice tailored to your own requirements, free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you.